Hello! Camouflage is a hand-painted process that has been perfected by our artist Dean at Luzerne. About eight years ago, i was asked to launch Camouflage by the company that created this unique hand-painted process, which is similar to Nail Enamel (a nail polish - Charles Revson of Revlon would not allow the word ‘polish’ to be used in his company). Dean has created a myriad of colors that can match almost any frame color and many patterns that frames come in... creating not only a "piece of art", but also making the most aesthetic combination of frame and lens.

‘Why?’, i asked Grady Culbreth (at the time with Zeiss and future president of National A/R Council). And Grady explained the entire reason to me, as i will echo in this article. (Of course, i will expand more on the subject).

Grady said - ‘Jamie, you know how on a three piece rimless and how there is no frame on top of the lens to block the light coming from above?’

I said - ‘Yes’.

He continued - ‘Camouflage is a process that blocks out that light... which in turn, reduces shadows and aberrations. What we want to do is to recreate as closely as possible, the conditions in the chair / exam room that the patient experiences during their eye exam. The darkness, no reflections etc. The more light that comes through the top and the sides of the lens, the more negative the effect it has on quality of eyesight. Again, shadows, aberrations, more UV etc. And a subtle long term effect. High Minus patients with thick lenses and three piece rimless, receive the greatest benefit from Camouflage."

I was convinced.

I drove the owners of Camouflage over to Luzerne the next week and we became the first and the best at this. I started wearing it - i show it. It's on every pair of ophthalmic and polarized lenses that i wear. I comp many for my customers. Once you have it, you will love it and you will suggest it to your patients, clients, friends and family. In fact, once that you see the difference in the result frame and the lens aesthetics and even your most difficult patients and how they respond, you will soon find yourself realizing that this is not only something that protects the eye’s health, but looks fabulous. And an ‘accessory’ that no one else offers. That not only makes you special, but your patient and customer have something "special". They come first. People like being first in their crowd of friends and colleagues.

Additionally, Camouflage becomes a "dollars per patient growth engine’ which is a result of better lenses and A/R, better eyewear and associated with better eyecare health, products and services.

Single colors, dual colors, abstracts and many patterns, school mascots, polka dots and even an American flag with stars and stripes was painted on a silhouette three piece rimless for an OD!

As for financial benefits - my clients usually take a triple mark up on Camouflage. Once a day is all that it takes to really have an impact.
You will experience referrals from your patients and customers that have Camouflage, as they will be excited and proud to show their ‘circle’. Understanding and accepting Camouflage yourself is the first step. You will have Camouflage groupies... i’ve seen it first hand! Have fun with Camouflage. Try it, you'll see... better.


Jamie Hansel

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