Raised in Kentucky, my grandfather and father owned a little country tavern - Hansel's Tavern. Built from creek rock across the road from our house, it was an incredibly huge success from the 40s through to early 60s. I grew up behind the bar ringing up the cash register at age four and pouring my first beer at age six.

My grandfather was larger than life. His yearly events drew hundreds of people to the town of Fairview (population 102). 'Daddy Ray', as he was known, would rent city buses and also sell tickets to Cincy Reds games with beer and hot dogs included in the back and forth trip. He was a master, just as he was a magnet for families. He made certain that his customers were entertained.

I watched and i learned. I worked in the bar, stacked bottles, made hamburgers and stocked groceries. I was working in a bar!

In high school i always worked. As a lifeguard, in a clothing shop and later, in high fashion in men's retail ('Dino's' and 'US Shoe'). Later, it became the wholesale ladies clothing business for much of my career - selling and merchandising clothing collections, while also managing companies and sales forces.

What i have learned and have experienced, as with many of my peers, would be enough to be published. I look back and i see the many mentors - who have taken the time to share with me not only their knowledge and ideas and insights into products but also their creeds of conducting business.

My main goal as a representative has always been to :

'help my customers to grow their businesses'

My choice of companies that i have represented in business has been a huge part of my success in this pursuit. As a lens representative for Luzerne Optical since 1997, our business in this territory has quintrupled and continues to grow.

I have always had great products in optical and fashion, but knowing how to promote and how to motivate my customers is the key.

I will be sharing my thoughts and publications as i go. As a commission-based ONLY sales representative, i must have original ideas and concepts that will bring my clients results growing their patients' satisfaction in eye care health and in turn grow their business and their business equity.

To those that support me, thank you very much!


Jamie Hansel