Hello -

As an independent representative, I have now represented Luzerne Optical Lab for fourteen years. Owned by the Dougherty family - i have aligned myself with the most successful family owned optical lab in the United States, which processes ALL major lens companies and A/R in-house, including our own trademarked brands. Luzerne’s lab has become respected internationally, with a sales force of twenty-six representatives across the US. Companies that produce equipment and technology all WANT Luzerne to have their equipment and technology to get feedback on ‘their’ products. We are a beta testing lab for many major companies.

As a representative, my goal is to assist all my customers in ‘growing their businesses’. I want my customers to be aware of ALL the products and services available in the market - and not just want the lens-owned-labs want you to sell. I will bring ideas and products that nobody else has, exclusive to Luzerne.

Many of you that have your own businesses / practices, are much like me, in the sense that if you do not grow your business, you are not making money - as your overhead is always increasing. My goal is to bring you the products and the ideas that I have learned in my seasoned sales career - to help you achieve your goals… not only financially, but optically and quality of business life.

Product has ALWAYS been king in my eyes - but today it is equally, if not more, about the whole ‘experience’. I have always gravitated towards the products that nobody else had or knew about. That gave me something different to offer that nobody else had. There is great value in this.

My favorite original saying is ‘people have no loyalty to where they spend their money - their loyalty lies in where they WON’T spend their money!’

I hope that you enjoy my ‘kool-aid’.


Jamie Hansel