This is a tutorial and explanation for the Zeiss treatments processed at Luzerne. Let's build a lens.

(01) Foundation XT is the hard surface, anti-scratch and clean coat treatment that is the basis (does not have A/R).

(02) Super ET (extra tough), a subtle blue / green hue and gold ET, a subtle gold hue, are your basic Zeiss A/Rs.

(03) Carat is what you will achieve by combining Foundation XT with your choice of Zeiss Super ET or Zeiss Gold ET A/R.

(04) Advantage is the stage of the premium process with hydrophobics (water resistant) combined with #3. You have the properties to create the easiest to clean, super hard surface and A/R, along with hydrophobics.

(05) Purecoat is the final process which creates an 'oleophobic' (oil resistant) layer to all of the above. This is the most premium of ALL Zeiss treatments. (I suggest using with Super ET, cool blue and cool silver, only).

Zeiss Mirrors are available in three colors :

(01) Cool blue mirror - automatically comes with B/S Super ET.

(02) Cool silver mirror - same.

(03) Cool gold - automatically comes with B/S super ET (when ordering mirrors, no need to order A/R). These create the most reflective mirrors, especially on polarized lenses. In the Zeiss cool mirror series, a G15 tint is inherent in the process.

(04) Flash mirrors - to achieve a flash mirror, the G15 has to be eliminated from the whole process. When you order your choice of mirror, tell customer service - or write in "NO TINT!". A/R is on the backside. The client will notice a little bit of a backside reflection. These do look fabulous outside in transitions. (Not intended for nighttime driving).

(05) Gradient mirrors - Zeiss mirrors cannot be 'gradiented'. But the 'illusion' of a gradient flash mirror can be created with tinting. Gradient tint in your choice of tint color by percentage and then, along with your choice of Zeiss mirror (NO TINT), this will create the illusion of a gradient flash mirror. The darker tint colors work best.

To create the more premium lens products, you can add Foundation XT, Carat, Advantage and Pure Coat to the mirrors.

**Super ET - I prefer to merchandise it with frame colors - black, blue, silver, grey, red, purple, gunmetal, etc.

** Gold ET - I prefer to merchandise with frames in gold, brown, tortoise, animal patterns, green, the warm tones.

Call me with any questions!

Jamie Hansel

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