As the owner, manager or staff member – YOU are the CEO of what transpires in your optical shop or OD’s office.

If you are the owner - your approach to the industry, to your patients and customers, to your staff and to your sales representatives sets the pace, tone and personality of your staff. As well as the response from both your present clients and prospective new clients

This does not just apply to personality, or to whether or not you are in a good mood that day. This does not just apply to the look and interior of your place of business and its cleanliness and appeal. This is part of a ‘marketing strategy’.

This is a ‘lifestyle’ choice, it’s an ethical choice, it’s a choice of respect, it’s a choice of quality, it’s a choice of fashion, it’s a choice of communication and interaction. It is a CHOICE – period! It is a choice of ALL of the attributes that contribute to growing a customer base and adding new customers to your business – and doing so consistently. Acquiring customers is the first goal, then you have to MONETIZE them. Turning that opportunity into SALES.

It is imperative that the attitude stays fresh and fun - but that does not mean lax. It means for example, bringing in new products and ideas to your business, staff and customers.

NOBODY wants the ‘old stuff’ unless they are shopping for ‘vintage’. And if it is not the new - then why should the customer return to your business? They want new and different.

Are your staff and customers having fun? Are your customers walking out the door feeling happy and excited, having experienced a wonderful time in your shop or office? And will they look forward to their next visit? Or, are they leaving just satisfied at best? And is their next visit going to be a chore? YOU create the ENERGY of each interaction - whether it is sales, or staff, or supplier. Why not let it be a positive, happy interaction? Life is simply too short!

YOU create the dress standards and the appearance standards in your shop. The mindset is that if you dress better, you have more pride in yourself and staff, which creates better performance, as well as greater respect and perception from the customer.

A proven example is that when the owner or doctor does a ‘redo’ of their office and dispensary with a new interior design, with new furniture, new fixtures, new lighting, etc – the first important thing that is noticed is that your ‘DOLLARS per PATIENT’ increases... with the same stock!

The power of PERCEPTION! When you increase your business you increase your equity in the businessand its potential selling price, when that day arrives.

Customers as well as staff want to be involved in and work in a positive environment. Both the customer’s wallet and the staff’s performance will be telling signs.

Acquiring new patients is harder than retaining present customers. YOU and the staff are on stage every time that someone walks into your business. Give them a commanding performance! Break a leg! Be the ‘Chief Energy Officer’ - that is necessary for a successful business and a business lifestyle. And then... everyone lives ‘happily ever after’. THE END!


Jamie Hansel

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